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The Works (Glebe, Orleans, Westboro)

I find it hard to believe any food enthusiast in Ottawa wouldn’t have already been to the Works. But if you haven’t, its an absolute must! Lets get to the details.

Service (5/5)
No complaints. I’ve been to the Works more times than I can recall and not once have I had an issue with service. Once you order a soft drink its unlimited refills. Side orders are unlimited as well as are their amazing array of sauces. They frequently refill your water and the food comes warm and in relatively quickly (depending on the number of your party)

Atmosphere (4/5)
The works is very unique in its presentation and menu options. The set-up is kind of bar-style with rock music in the background and the normal hustle and bustle of a restaurant. Great for a casual dine out experience

Food (4/5)
This is where they excel. Big, juicy burgers with more topping combinations and creations that you could imagine. And if you can imagine something thats not on the menu, go ahead and make your own burger. The food always tastes good. Only on one occasion was I not pleased, when the patty part of my burger was a bit overcooked. Other than that, I always come out satisfied.

My favourite part of the  dining experience at Works isn’t even their burgers, its the steam rollers. Steam rollers = orgasm in your mouth. This magical creation is a tortilla wrap stuffed with cream cheese, peppers and other goodies, grilled and cut up into biteable portions. Make sure you ask for the beachhouse sauce on the side.

Their sauces are amazing too. You can order as many as you want, so  go ahed, experiment a little.

Their other stuff like poutines and milkshakes are great too. All of their side orders are good, but the spicy die cut chips top the list for me.

Price (3.5/5)
$15 to $20. Reasonable, although not cheap. If you split an appetizer and get a drink you’re looking at the top of that range. It’s worth it though. The pictures speak for themselves.  

Bottom line:
It will be hard for you to come out of the works unsatisfied. Read the menu carefully as your options are plenty. A definite recommendation.

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