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Mmmmmmm Vittoria! Looks like your typical posh market restaurant, except the food actually tastes good. Overall, the dining experience was a memorable one and I’de be sure to go back. Here is a breakdown of why.

Service (4/5):
It was good. Nothing extraordinary, but it really didn’t need to be as the food spoke for itself. The staff was polite, respectful and very pleasant.

Atmosphere (5/5):
Elegant and warm. There is a great wood burning pizza oven made of stone in one corner which gives a nice feel to the dining room. Vittoria is perfect for a date, a sit down for business at lunch or a dinner celebration for a special event with friends and family.

Food (4.5/5):
This is where things get serious. The food was simply delicious. The pasta was neither overcooked nor undercooked, neither too saucy nor too dry. If you like a bit of spice, ask for their chipotle cream sauce for any pasta you order. The Ala Gorgonzola pasta was amazing; cheesy and saucy with red grapes to ease the taste. Based on recommendations from friends, the thin crust pizzas are also very delicious.

As for appetizers. I have tried only the Spinach and Artichoke dip and the Bruschetta. Now I am a firm believer that a good Italian restaurant can only be good if it makes a descent bruschetta… Vittoria’s was a killer. Usually Bruschetta can get soggy or garlicky, theirs was neither. It was brought out on slices of bread which were also delicious, not too crispy or chewy.

Price (4/5):
Reasonable. Appetizers average around $8 to $10. Lunch can be done with around $12 to $18 and dinner anywhere from $15 to the high 30s, depending on whether you have pizza, pasta or their more pricey dishes. 

Bottom Line:
Probably one of my favourite restaurants in Ottawa; and definitely one of the better Italian ones. When you combine the key factors leading to a great eating-out experience (food, atmosphere, price), Vittoria Trattoria does a great job of balancing all three, without compromising any. 

Above is a picture of the Caprese salad. Although I didn’t order this myself, my friend who did recommended it for next time.

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